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September 12, 2016


I'm not sure I understand how smoking and having an ice cream soda are parallel activities. I smoked for many years and I also ate ice cream. I think the ice cream was probably less harmful to my health and I'm certain it had no impact whatever, either dangerous or benign, on my young children. Is judging ourselves too harshly not as damaging as judging others?

In general, I was suggesting that in that time I was giving much more attention to a concern related to another person's health, in a judgmental vein, than to my own. Too much ice cream, not enough exercise... my point being that I had more reason to turn that particular judgment on myself than on another person. In that situation, it would not have been too harsh a judgment on me.

Judging ourselves and being too critical can sometimes help to be a better person, but perhaps in some cases can cause the person to become less relaxed over time for putting to much pressure upon themselves. So again in my oppinion a happy medium has to be struck.
In judging another person, I think the sayings "you have to walk in another persons shoes", and "don't throw stones at glass house" apply.

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