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March 10, 2019


Shalom Jon- thank you for posting your divrei chochma.
The sliding of the radical left towards antisemitism began with Malcolm X and continues with Omar and endangers our people greatly. Jews have not sufficiently asking themselves if we do not advocate for ourselves, then who will? We’re so busy 3:2 being for others, which is very important but conditional on the previous clause.
This year I taught the Megillah Esther- for 13 hours, to 16 adults, and that took me another 30 or so hours of preparation. The concepts of mityahadim for example, are exceptional. Imagine non-Jews today posing as Jews due to fear for their lives!
Your eloquent words reflect soul-searching and determination to make the world better, and I salute you for trying. Omar Ilhan probably has more of a double allegiance than Zionistic Jews do- her faith allies her with people of the Hamas and Hizballah and PLO despite their actions, despite facts and realities. I hope that the USA does not fall the way Europe has towards anti-Semitic hatred of Jews just because some Muslims preach such hatred. The radicalization of the democrats causes me pessimism that they could recapture the hearts of liberal decent potential voters to change the governing bodies in the USA for the better- but I am encouraged by your efforts to mitigate the harms to the party, and to our People. You do love your neighbor as yourself, even 3:2, which may be too much, but it makes me proud to know you.

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