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July 27, 2021


You should pay attention to what is going on in California: https://www.thejc.com/comment/analysis/jew-hate-is-forced-on-the-kids-of-california-1.511521

Sorry I read it and sorry you feel that way. I look at all people as humans and nothing more. If you truly cared you would not have started the article off negatively.
You say that it is unfortunate fixture but say nothing else about any other group, BLM. Sorry but you showed your one sided feelings and that I wasted my time on reading your article.

Glad to have you as a leader in our community, Rabbi. Thanks for being a calm voice of reason and engaging in necessary conversation with a group of ... confused ... individuals.

You are an inspiration.

Dear Rabbi Jon:

Banning critical theory does nothing to preclude teaching the history of slavery and discrimination, whereas critical theory is a totalitarian ideology that often silences free speech.

Despite the academic jargon, critical theory is a simplistic Marxist ideology that draws lines between groups, insists that systemic racism and sexism cause all of the differences in their well-being, and shuts down any dissent.

It isn’t safe to teach basic life choices that can help people load the dice in their own favor. For example, teachers would be labeled racist for suggesting the higher obesity rate among black women contributes to the high childbirth mortality rate, or that the high rate of fatherlessness among black children results in high-rates of poverty, crime. and incarceration. A professor who suggests that men score higher in math tests and women higher in English because their brains are different, or that the wage differences between the sexes are caused by different life-goals and values would be labeled sexist and fired.

Who benefits from critical theory? Power-hungry bureaucrats, the expanding diversity/resentment industry, and the grifters who sell anti-racism and white fragility snake oil. Who’s hurt? People stuck in a cycle of poverty who never get to hear how they can improve their chances of success.

Do the schools teach critical theory? The course description for Advanced Placement US Government & Politics fits the description, but CT could be taught in any English or social studies class. I hope that the school district is open about its materials and assignments so that parents can evaluate the materials themselves.

Regarding thought #1, I'm glad that BLM and their allies were largely respectful. There was some taunting from their side. Among the BLM allies present was local Antifa leader Matt Lawrence, who in September had stolen my sign and had his thugs mob me while the peeled the letters off.

Thank you for taking the time to directly engage with the Proud Boys protestors, putting your sincere self on the line, and giving them detailed accurate information. Most change happens a little bit at a time, one person at a time. And thanks for sharing it with us. Good model.

A very thoughtful and thought-invoking article. I am often asked why I insist on knocking on doors that will not open. My answer is that one never knows when a door WILL open. One never knows when understanding, and being understood, by even one person will have far-reaching effects. So I continue to engage in dialogue and discourse with people who common sense would tell me that there is no chance of mutual understanding. In the immortal words of Billy Joel, "I have been a fool for lesser things". Sometimes the door does open, Thank you so much not only for this article, but for taking a stand.

you did a great job.... except your bullet point number 2 (item #2) when you brought the words "politically conservative or Republicans " into the mix... This has nothing to with politics.so we should either not mention it at all ... or mention (to be fair across the board) all the political parties !

Yasher koach. You never know.
I'm sure you did some good.

I’m very proud of you Rabbi Jon for standing up to a group that should not be ignored.

Mark Prolman

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